s the following components, regardless of the definition used:


“Language” can define in a variety of ways. A language might be a set of terms or codes within a discipline. A method of communication thehappyworld.org utilizing symbols or sounds refers to language. Noam Chomsky, a linguist, described language as a set of sentences made up of a finite number of constituents. According to some linguists, language should be able to represent events and abstract notions.

A language has the following components, regardless of the thehelloamerica.com definition used:


§  The words or symbols must have meaning tied to them.

§  A vocabulary of words or symbols are all necessary.

§  A syntax can organize symbols and all thesecretoftime.net are into linear structures.

§  Grammar is a set of rules that define how vocabulary is useful in a language.

§  A group of people who use and understand the symbols must exist (or have been).

§  Also all of these prerequisites are met by mathematics. Symbols, their meanings, syntax, and grammar are all the same everywhere. 

§  Strings of syntactic propositions make up a story or discourse.

§  Mathematicians, physicists, and others utilize arithmetic concepts. Mathematics describes itself, real-world occurrences, and abstract notions (a topic known as meta-mathematics).



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or symbols must have meaning tied to them.