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Where does Red Light Therapy Come In?

Research shows that red light therapy increases physical performance, enhances muscle growth, heals joints faster, reduces the required recovery time, and prevents fatigue. Let us dive deep into how it can really help us build muscle.

Increased Physical Performance:

As we have already discussed, red light therapy improves the functionality of mitochondria – the powerhouse of the cell. With more ATP produced in our body, there is an evident surge in physical performance. Athletes all around the world use red light therapy to get that boost of energy in training. 

Tyson Chandler of the Phoenix Suns said, “It gives me a little more energy, and makes my muscles feel fresh.” 

Increased Energy and Testosterone:

I am sure you all have had a day when you felt like doing nothing. It was just dull lethargy, and you could not explain why, either. With the exposure of sunlight, you imminently feel a surge of energy going through your body. 

It is not by chance that this happens. Light has a vital role to play in creating energy in our bodies, and red light therapy gives us precisely that, without the excess heat generated by other sources of lights. 



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